Once upon a time, in the land far, far away there was a boy who wanted more than anything in the world to see the world differently – but he didn’t know how. He went to see a witch about it and the witch gave him a special seed. The boy planted the seed in a flowerpot and it grew… and grew… and grew… into a bud that looked very much like a bud of a tulip.

“What a beautiful flower!” the boy murmured one day, and he lent over flower and kissed into the closed petals. POP! the bud exploded into an open flower, and there sitting in the middle of it was a photo camera… Yeah! Just like in the fairy tales!

Actually nothing like that. I wish that I can tell that I’ve held my first camera at age of 1 and that had my first exhibition at age of 3! But I can’t… I was just a usual child. So straight from the start there was no advantage or at least my parents couldn’t recognise my talent for photography. To be fair to them I wasn’t showing that talent as I was quite busy developing essential life skills like walking, playing, speaking and not to forget potty training (which at that point in my life was much more important than getting the camera into my hands).

Let’s fast forward to teens when I’ve started to use film photo camera. Yes, film camera! Digital age was yet to be discovered.  Fiddling with film roles and using my father’s camera, developing films in my uncle’s company dark room (time consuming, I have to add) and seeing the world around me through the lens woke up that hidden talent of seeing the world differently in me. Then came my first camera – Russian made Zenit 11 with integrated light meter! Wow!

Adult years came and my career was always within design: firstly as a fashion designer and then as a visual communication specialist. Actually, anything visual and creative. Photography stayed with me through my professional career either as a something on the side to influence my work or as a main media to provoke the viewer into telling stories. Photography that tells a story. Photography that inspire. But, I am not a story teller. I just simply encourage you to see that story through my photographs…

On the end that boy managed to see the world differently. Through his lens…
Welcome to the visual world of Davor Tovarlaza . Welcome to DT Visual.